Klmt Paris 2014

Klemt, whose real name Clément Tissier, studied drawing in Brussels and the animated film at Supinfocom before working full time as a painter in 2013.

His work reveals the quirky world, lost in time, somewhere between reality and dream. The illustrator questions here about man’s place in the world.

Klemt was born in Reims, France, and now lives in Limoges.


Solo Exhibitions

2013  –  Diantre, Le Phare, Limoges, France

2013  –  Beyond, Galerie Charlotte Norberg, Paris, France

2014  –  In My Home, Le Phare, Limoges, France

2016–  Sans Dessus Dessous, Gallery Christophe Tailleur, Strasbourg, France


Group Exhibitions

2014–  100th artist, Ouchi Galery, New York, US

2014–  Condensed Kids, Espace Beaurepaire, Paris, France

2014–  Superstraat, Brussels, Belguim

2014–  Divercité, Sept Huit, Limoges, France

2015–  DDessin, Atelier Richelieu – Galery LWS, Paris, France   –   First prize-winner

2015–  Gallery Deuleuze-Rochetin, Nîmes, France.

2016–  DDessin, Atelier Richelieu – Gallery LWS, Paris, France

2016–  Yia Art Fair , Le Carreau du Temple – Gallery Christophe Tailleur, Paris, France

2016–  ST Art, Centre des congrès – Gallery Christophe Tailleur, Strasbourg, France

2017–  Art Karlsruhe – Gallery Christophe Tailleur, Karlsruhe, Allemagne

2017–  Art Paris Art Fair – Grand Palais – Gallery Christophe Tailleur, Paris, France

2017– Klemt & La Fratrie – Gallery Deuleuze-Rochetin, Nîmes, France